Outdoor Area

Our outdoor area has recently been developed into a large welcoming space where the children love to play and explore. In our area we have a combined climbing frame and slide, sand and water areas, painting easel, chalk board, space to ride our wheeled toys, and a cosy area in our 'hut' where children enjoy engaging in role play, reading stories and also have outdoor lessons. 

The children have access to our outdoor area each day and we believe it plays an important role in their learning and development;

  •  Learning in an outdoor environment allows children to interact with the world around us and helps them to gain an understanding of the world we live in.
  • The outdoor environment can also develop children's social skills, helping children to join in gaining more confidence. Exploring the outdoors can also provide the opportunity for children to talk about what they have done with their friends, teachers and parents.
  • It also plays an important role in developing independence giving children the freedom to explore and investigate making their own discoveries and decisions. The outdoors also provides the space and time for children to create their own games and ideas taking on lead roles within groups.  
  • And finally it helps develop their physical skills such as fine and gross motor development learning to hop, skip, jump, run and lots more!

Our children at Nursery love the outdoors and love to spend time here making memories.