Welcome to the Toddler Room...

Our Toddler Room is for children aged 2-3 years old. We provide full day, and half-day   sessions.

Our Deputy manager and room leader Shelley, follows the Early Years Foundation Stage to plan activities that are age and stage appropriate to each individual child.

Also working in the Toddler Room are Rachael, Stacey, Lauren, Lisa and Jan (our dinner time helper).

We believe your child's routine and their relationship with their keyworker is very important, as it will allow them to feel comfortable in their new surroundings. When your child comes for a visit, you will have the opportunity to sit with their keyworker and discuss their daily routine and any special requirements.

Over the course of the toddler day, each child is provided with healthy snacks and a warm dinner. 

Dinner is prepared in house by our Nursery Cook who serves well balanced nutritional meals. 


 What you will need to provide...

 * nappies

 * comforters

 * change of clothes

Please provide these items in a suitable bag and remember to label all of your child's clothes and loose belongings. 

2 year funding is now available.

 Please click the link below for more information


2 Year Funding