Sickness And Illness Policy


Little Ozzies Sickness and Illness Policy

Children should not be left at nursery if they are unwell. If a child is unwell then they will prefer to be at home with their parent(s) rather than at nursery with their peers. We will follow these procedures to ensure the welfare of all children within the nursery:

  • If a child becomes ill during the nursery day, their parent(s) will be contacted and asked to pick their child up as soon as possible. During this time the child will be cared for in a quiet, calm area with a member of staff.
  • Should a child have an infectious condition, such as an eye/ear infection or sickness and diarrhoea, they should not return to nursery until they have been clear for at least 48 hours.
  • A child prescribed with antibiotics needs to be kept off nursery for the first 48 hours of the course, unless this is part of an ongoing care plan.
  • It is vital that we follow the advice given to us by our registering authority and exclude specific contagious conditions, e.g. sickness and diarrhoea, conjunctivitis and chicken pox to protect other children in the nursery. Illnesses of this nature are very contagious and it is exceedingly unfair to expose other children to the risk of an infection
  • If a contagious infection is identified in the nursery, parents will be informed to enable them to spot the early signs of this illness. All equipment and resources that may have come into contact with a contagious child will be cleaned and sterilised thoroughly to reduce the spread of infection
  • The nursery has the right to refuse admission to a child who is unwell. This decision will be taken by the manager on duty and is non-negotiable
  • Information/posters about head lice are readily available and all parents are requested to regularly check their children’s hair.  If a parent finds that their child has head lice we would be grateful if they could inform the nursery so that other parents can be alerted to check their child’s hair.

Covid 19

All early signs of this illness will be acted upon. If Covid 19 symptoms are displayed in a child at nursery, parents will be informed immediately to collect the child and seek medical advice, get tested or isolate for 10 days. Children that develop a continuous cough or a high temperature will not be allowed back into nursery without a negative Covid 19 test result. Failure to provide a result will lead to the governments guidelines of 10 consecutive isolation days. All equipment and resources that may have come into contact with a contagious child will be cleaned and sterilised thoroughly to reduce the spread of infection.

If your child's result is negative but your child is still unwell we ask parents to keep them at home to reduce the spread of infection. Please note fees are payable 51 weeks a year. 

Meningitis procedure

If a parent informs the nursery that their child has meningitis, the nursery manager should contact the Infection Control (IC) Nurse for their area, and Ofsted. The IC Nurse will give guidance and support in each individual case.  If parents do not inform the nursery, we will be contacted directly by the IC Nurse and the appropriate support will be given.


Transporting children to hospital procedure

  • If the sickness is severe, call for an ambulance immediately. DO NOT attempt to transport the sick child in your own vehicle
  • Whilst waiting for the ambulance, contact the parent and arrange to meet them at the hospital
  • A senior member of staff must accompany the child and collect together registration forms, relevant medication sheets, medication and the child’s comforter. A member of the management team must also be informed immediately
  • Remain calm at all times. Children who witness an incident may well be affected by it and may need lots of cuddles and reassurance.



Please note fees are payable 51 weeks a year.