Little Ozzies Nursery

Our Philosophy/Mission Statement...

Little Ozzies Nursery will provide a secure, caring and stimulating environment where children are treated as individuals and feel respected, valued and confident.

Each child will be encouraged to progress, learn and develop a sense of self with the aid of play activities and equipment made available to them.

In planning the curriculum we will work towards incorporating positive opportunities for all children reflecting diversity and addressing issues of race, culture, gender and disability offering each child equal access to support, development and learning.

Little Ozzies Nursery is committed to providing a high quality childcare service for you and your child in anti-discriminatory surroundings in the following ways:

    • We will treat you and your child with respect and courtesy at all times.
    • We will promote good relationships between parents/carers and the staff, respecting and valuing your view as the prime carer of your child, and involving you in all discussions about your child.
    • We will hold regular meetings to discuss your child’s progress with you and any involved professionals.
    • We will provide you with written information about the service you and your child will be receiving.
    • We will respect and pay due regards to each child’s individual needs taking into account their race, gender, ethnicity, language and disability.
    • We will provide surroundings where every child feels confident, secure and valued as an individual


At Little Ozzies we use Tapestry that is an easy to use and secure online learning journal that helps staff and families celebrate their child’s learning and development.  It builds a very special record of your child’s experiences which is done by observations using photos and videos.  A care diary enables parents to know when their child has slept and the nappy changes they have had, as well as what food they have eaten.

The Tapestry platform enables these memories to be kept as a permanent record of each child’s unique journey. All information held in the platform is stored securely and can be downloaded and shared as required. Parents or carers are able to view their child’s progress, the activities provided for them, and how much fun they’re having.

Tapestry also gives you as parents the opportunity to upload photos and videos from home of your child's newest milestones and achievements to exciting days out. We love to see what you get up to at home as a family so please make use of this exciting new online journey. 


Each child is assigned a key worker, which parents will be informed of who it is once their child has started nursery. They will have a special role to reassure their key child to feel safe, secure and cared for.  The keyworker is responsible for completing regular observations and assessments to provide activities that which will support your child’s learning development.


At Little Ozzies, we are extremely happy to announce that we are working towards our Hygge in the Early Years Accreditation.

What is Hygge?

Hygge is pronounced “Hue-gah”.

Hygge is the Danish approach to life that focuses on having a happier and more simple life. Using elements of warmth, cosiness and nature to make the most of every day of the year. As we move through the training we will learn about changes we can make to our learning environments, outdoor provision and daily rhythm to bring in more calmness. 

A big part of our training will also look at supporting the wellbeing of the nursery team and the children. We will gain an understanding of how we can promote more self-care and some activities we can try to connect with nature.

At Little Ozzies, we have started incorporate Hygge into our setting. Some of the changes that have been made, include;

  • using warm, natural and low-level lighting to create a cosy environment.
  • providing a wide range of soft furnishings and cosy areas for the children to rest and re-charge.
  • using natural resources as part of our play to support the children’s learning and development.
  • getting outside more in the local area, to give children a chance to explore their natural surroundings.