Fire Safety Policy

EYFS: 3.55, 3.56, 3.57


At Little Ozzies Ltd we take all possible reasonable steps to ensure the safety of children, staff and others on the nursery premises in the case of a fire or other emergency through our fire safety policy and emergency evacuation procedures.


The manager/designated fire marshal is Sharon Nicholson


The SLT group ensure the nursery premises are compliant with fire safety regulations, including following any major changes or alterations to the premises. The designated fire marshal ensures we have all the appropriate fire detection and control equipment (e.g. fire alarms, smoke detectors, fire blankets and/or fire extinguishers) are in working order and seeks advice from the local fire safety officer as necessary.


They also have overall responsibility for the fire drill and evacuation procedures. These are carried out and recorded for each group of children every three months or as and when a large change occurs, e.g. a large intake of children or a new member of staff joins the nursery. These drills are planned to occur at different times of the day and on different days to ensure evacuations are possible under different circumstances and all children and staff participate in the rehearsals.


All staff receive fire safety and evacuation training (including as part of induction) to help them understand their roles and responsibilities. This includes the steps they must take to ensure the safety of children, for example keeping fire doors free from obstruction, how to safely evacuate the children and where the evacuation meeting point is situated. Each room has a specific evacuation plan, which includes information such as evacuating non-mobile babies and using alternative exits depending on where the fire may be situated. 


Fire checklist

The designated fire marshal checks fire detection and control equipment and fire exits in line with the timescales within the checklist located in the Citation Fire Record Book, located in Pre-school.  

A deputy fire marshal is appointed to cover this role when the fire marshal is absent: Shelley Nightingale



An accurate record of all staff and children present in the building must be kept at all times and children/staff must be marked in and out on arrival and departure. An accurate record of visitors is kept in the visitor’s book. These records are taken out along with the register and emergency contacts list in the event of a fire.

No smoking/vaping policy

The nursery operates a strict no smoking/vaping policy – please see this separate policy for details.

Fire drill procedure

On discovering a fire:

  • Calmly raise the alarm by breaking the alarm glass
  • Immediately evacuate the building under guidance from the manager on duty/fire marshal (Collecting children’s room register, where applicable)
  • Using the nearest accessible exit lead the children out, assemble at the fence bordering the KS2 playground.
  • Close all doors behind you wherever possible
  •  The babies will be evacuated in the designated evacuation cot
  • Evacuation of any children or adults with mobility difficulties are supported by Keyworkers or in the case of this being an adult, the designated senior first aider on duty.
  • Do not stop to collect personal belongings on evacuating the building
  • Do not attempt to go back in and fight the fire
  • Do not attempt to go back in if any children or adults are not accounted for
  • Wait for emergency services and report any unaccounted persons to the fire service/police.


If you are unable to evacuate safely:

  • Stay where you are safe
  • Keep the children calm and together
  • Wherever possible alert officers of your location and the identity of the children and other adults with you.


The Office Manager:

  • Pick up the central children’s register, staff register, nursery mobile/phone, keys, visitor book and fire bag/evacuation pack (containing emergency contacts list, nappies, wipes and blankets) 
  • Telephone emergency services: dial 999 and ask for the fire service
  • In the fire assembly point area – The fence bordering the KS2 playground.

The Fire Marshall/Manager will:

  • check the children against the register
  • Account for all adults: staff and visitors
  • Advise the fire service of anyone missing and possible locations and respond to any other questions they may have.


  • Do not stop to collect personal belongings on evacuating the building
  • Do not attempt to go back in and fight the fire
  • Do not attempt to go back in if any children or adults are not accounted for.

This policy is updated at least annually in consultation with staff and parents and/or after a fire evacuation practice and/or fire.


This policy was adopted on

Signed on behalf of the nursery

Date for review

26th September 2022

Sharon Nicholson

26th September 2023